Our team

Our passion for image processing is based on the diversity of its challenges and the mixture of optics, physics, mathematics, software and mechanical engineering. This versatility of the field, coupled with its continuous further development, inspires and challenges us every day in all the years of our professional careers. The company phil-vision, founded in 2015 and renamed to a limited liability company in 2017, provides solutions in every field of image processing. From simple tasks with barcode and character recognition to presence checks, completeness checks and automated object recognition, we develop a wide range of individual systems. High-precision 2D and 3D measurement systems are also part of our repertoire.

Gregor Philipiak

Gregor Philipiak

Gregor has been successfully using his long-term experience in image processing as a sole proprietor since 2010. Since 2017 he is CEO and Chief Pixel Officer at phil-vision GmbH, where he is managing challenging customer projects. His expertise is focused on hardware-related C++ development and interface design.
Patrick Gailer

Patrick Gailer

Patrick, CEO and Chief Vision Design Officer of phil-vision GmbH, uses his extensive image processing know-how primarily in the design of individual systems as well as in application development under Halcon. Additionally he provides technical consulting for any questions of machine vision as well as for M&A and innovation management.
Angelika Thoma

Angelika Thoma

With various tools such as Halcon, Merlic or Sherlock, Angelika, co-founder and Chief Light Bending Officer at phil-vision, creates quick solutions for classic image processing tasks. In addition, she uses her knowledge in the implementation of project studies and in the selection of system components.

Christian Hintze

As an experienced software developer Christian mainly creates complex image processing applications in Halcon and also takes care of all questions concerning the framework.

Caroline Sternberger

The responsibility for project management is taken over by Caroline with her experience in system design and feasibility studies for various applications.

Ekaterina Kanaeva

Our computer scientist Ekaterina mainly takes care of innovative C++ and Halcon software development in the field of computer vision, image processing and camera calibration.

Ruth Bader

Ruth is our team assistant and thus responsible for general office organization, purchasing and marketing tasks.

Peter Steinbrück

In Peter, we have an established expert from the image processing industry at our side for the development and construction of hardware and software.