The successful solution of image processing tasks requires not only many years of experience in system design and integration, but also an extensive portfolio of powerful cameras.

In addition short response times to our questions are also enormously important to us. The Bremen-based camera manufacturer The Imaging Source, or TIS for short, is a reliable partner with whom we have been working successfully for years. Especially when it comes to complex technical questions, the experts from Bremen always support us in an uncomplicated and quick manner with their great expertise. Thanks to design in Germany and low-cost production in Asia, TIS can offer cameras with an excellent price/performance ratio, which we use for a wide range of applications.

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Customised solutions - designed in Germany

Whenever easy handling and integration and perfect interaction with Halcon is required, we use USB and GigE cameras from The Imaging Source. Applications range from soccer tracking to the optical control of coating systems in industry through to 3D camera systems for the automated wall production of prefabricated houses. In the following we look at some of the applications in more detail:

Inspection of electronic components

Inspection of electronic components and PCBs


In the electronics sector, for example, we have implemented an optical inspection system based on GigE colour cameras from TIS which reads barcodes and plain text (OCR) on the objects and determines the position and location of fiducials in a machine for lacquering printed circuit boards.

In addition to delivering the respective live images, individual images are stitched to display entire assemblies. In this application, twelve images have to be merged seamlessly, which is ensured by prior calibration and equalisation as well as a very homogeneous lighting concept. The customer receives all cameras pre-calibrated by us and only has to adjust the x/y position precisely.

Since this is a volume application, a good price/resolution ratio was crucial in addition to a robust industrial camera.


TIS GigE cameras

Another example is a technical ceramics manufacturer for whom we have developed a vision system for the inspection of ceramic components. A system based on a 3MP GigE colour camera from The Imaging Source is used to capture the position and rotation of the ceramic parts for transfer to robots. The parts can be printed or unprinted and a highly accurate positioning of the respective "centres" has to be done correctly in any case.

This is also a volume application where it was important to implement the solution with affordable and robust cameras.

Optical folding control

For a leading manufacturer of folding machines we have developed a stand-alone system for automated optical fold quality control. Under controlled lighting conditions, two highly sensitive colour cameras from TIS image the folded sheets whereupon the accuracy of the fold is determined by measuring the cutting mark position relative to the outer edge of the paper.

A major challenge for the vision system was the high measuring speed, as the paper sheets move at speeds of up to 180 m/s and the system cannot be stopped for measurement. Due to the high cycle rate of the system, the total process time per sheet is limited to 40 ms. Here, too, the fast, small cameras from The Imaging Source were the perfect solution.

Vision system for optical folding control

Automated wall production for prefabricated houses

A particularly challenging task came from a manufacturer of special machinery in the field of prefabricated house production, for whom we implemented a solution for automated planking of wall elements.

A powerful 3D camera system detects the respective panel position and transfers the exact position data to a robot, which then takes over the precise planking.

The system consists of eight TIS 20MP monochrome cameras with GigE interface and two pattern projectors. The four stereo systems generate a complete point cloud with just one shot.

Each board, cellulose or sheetrock wall is unique and, in terms of tolerances, is manufactured to lower tolerances than the required positioning accuracy. At the same time, this automation requires an enormous degree of robustness and precision. For example, 4 cubic metres of measurement volume must be measured to 0.1 mm accuracy in 3D within 8 seconds.

Non-industrial applications

Even peripheral areas of machine vision are covered by solutions from phil-vision and TIS.

For example, we developed an image processing solution for a wholesaler of coins that consists of four high-resolution 20MP GigE monochrome cameras with corresponding lenses and uses a matching process to detect coins as well as their position and rotational orientation and provides this information for a subsequent special printing of the coins or to a packaging system. The difficult lighting situation and the variance of the different coinages was a special challenge in this case, which our specialist was able to solve successfully.

Vision solution for special printing of coins

Our solutions are also used in slaughterhouses. Here, images of slaughtered pigs have to be captured and stored. A monochrome GigE camera from TIS measures the width, thickness and height of the slaughtered animals, and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based differentiation is also made according to gender. The cameras were installed in special protective housings for use in the harsh environment.

Here, too, the good price/performance ratio of the TIS cameras was a decisive factor in the selection of the camera.

Your individual solution

We would be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements in detail and develop a special solution together with you, tailored to your individual needs.

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