• Is your machine vision system still based on Windows 7 or XP?

Update and maintenance services for your machine vision system

Technically you are aware of the dangers to which your company network is exposed.
Your machine vision system urgently needs to be updated, but you lack know-how or resources?

Then phil-vision is the right partner for you - we bring your vision system up to date!

Windows 7 has been discontinued, and has not received any feature updates for a long time and no security updates are available since more than a year. Since no modern security mechanisms can be applied to W7 and XP systems, the use of outdated systems in an industrial environment poses a latent danger for the continuity of your operation.

Especially for machine vision systems, however, it is difficult or even impossible to simply operate old components under Windows 10 and a system update is unavoidable if a disconnection from the network resulting in an isolated solution and an increased risk of failure.

Our experts check whether your current solution can be upgraded to a modern operating system (Windows10/Windows IOT) or to what extent new components are necessary. We place particular emphasis on a customised solution in order to avoid or minimise system downtime and keep costs as low as possible.

XS effort for XL effect

Take advantage of our IT expertise and our maintenance service for maximum system security! Our specialists look forward to getting to know your task.

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