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High-speed video recordings:

The basis for analysing and monitoring a wide range of processes

Many processes in different areas run so fast that the human eye reaches its limits. Analysing and optimising these processes is the main task of camera-based recording systems. The frame rates required for diagnostic recordings of problems in the production process, for example, can be up to several thousand frames per second. Particularly in high-end automation applications with enormous production speeds, where image data or measured values determined from images must be stored for the documentation of critical production steps, industrial image processing is the key to efficient and automated production and an important data provider for the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Motion recording with multiple cameras, monitoring production processes over long periods of time even from remote workstations or high-speed recordings for subsequent slow-motion analysis are just a few examples where the recording of image and video sequences is essential for diagnosis and troubleshooting in production as well as for process monitoring and proof of production quality.

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Process monitoring in industry

Automotive industry
process monitoring automotive, example crashtest

The high quality and safety standards in the automotive industry, for example, have always required the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Here, recording systems with high-speed cameras enable analyses of fast processes, such as crash tests, or the most diverse material tests, like the recording of vehicle chassis under extreme acceleration.

Electronics industry
process monitoring electronics industry, example silicium wafer

In electronics manufacturing, too, ever faster production speeds, ever smaller components and increasing quality requirements demand increasingly powerful imaging analysis tools to optimise processes in a targeted manner and to be able to produce efficiently.

Food industry
process monitoring food industry, example production of cookies

Constantly increasing production speeds and growing demands on quality and hygiene in food production also require targeted control of the individual steps in food production. Here, all processes must be consistently monitored, analysed, and optimised, as this is the only way to ensure the consistent quality of the food and increase the efficiency of the production process.

Packaging industry
process monitoring packaging industry, example food packaging

In the packaging industry, too, there are a wide variety of requirements regarding efficiency and reliability of individual processes. The use of high-speed cameras and recording systems enables continuous improvement of the entire process chain through targeted controls. The error rate decreases and the efficiency and profitability of the processes increase.

Industrial automation
process monitoring industrial production

To perfect the use of robots in production and to be able to guarantee precise work processes and consistently high quality with increasing production speeds, the use of highly precise and reliable analysis tools is also essential in industrial automation. Recording systems are used in construction, manufacturing, and assembly technology, as well as in measurement, control and regulation technology to analyse and optimise processes and to test mechanics and materials.

Applications beyond the production hall

Science & medical
flow analysis

In the field of natural sciences, too, video recordings can be used to gain new insights for science and research, for example for flow analysis in rivers, the analysis of processes in biomaterials research or in the atomisation of gas. Time-lapse recordings of plant growth are also frequently used as a basis for irrigation, fertilisation and the subsequent sorting and classification of a wide variety of plants.

Recording systems are also used for a wide variety of material analyses, for microscopic applications such as monitoring cell transport processes, or for sequence recording in the medical field, e.g. recording patients for remote diagnosis, analysis of the distribution of contrast media in the bloodstream or for training videos on surgical techniques.

Sport & motion
motion analysis

Another area in which recording systems are frequently used for statistical evaluations and to improve techniques is the field of sport and exercise. Here, recording systems are used, for example, to analyse the complexity of human movements in a wide variety of sports (e.g. golf swing, tennis, running/skiing technique), to optimise them in a targeted manner and to increase the performance of an athlete. In a wide variety of ball sports, too, recordings and subsequent analysis are an important building block for the coaching team, not only to compile statistics but also to improve tactical behaviour based on facts. The sports industry also relies on findings from movement analyses as a prerequisite for the development of new products, such as running shoes, sports equipment, or high-tech sportswear.

Traffic & special applications
bird tracking

Not to be forgotten, of course, are the most diverse possible uses of video analysis in the area of traffic and rail monitoring, such as for checking rails or for detecting dangerous situations, such as overcrowded platforms or suspicious behaviour.

However, high-speed recording systems are also used in special applications, for example to record the output of jet engines or for detecting endangered birds approaching a wind turbine and triggering a shutdown.


In all these areas of application, the modular recording systems of the pvRecord family can be used for compressed or uncompressed recording of fastest processes in which high-quality RAW recordings can be used directly for automated processing and analysis, while at the same time individual images or complete videos are compressed for archiving.

Which system is best suited for my task?

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