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Cost-effective, homogeneous, diffuse light panels
for front- and backlight applications

The robust LED panels of the pvLight series impress with extremely homogeneous light distribution, a long service life, as well as an excellent price/performance ratio. The large emitting surface produces a very homogeneous, diffuse highly intensive light.

Optionally, the light panels are available with an integrated camera window, important for applications, where the beam path of the light source must be on the same optical axis as the beam path of the camera. The camera aperture has a default inner diameter of 36 or 56 mm (other sizes on request).

Thanks to special temperature management, the LEDs have a low power consumption and generate little heat, resulting in a service life of >100.000 hours and can be used for demanding applications.

The light panels are available in different standard sizes.The T-slot profile facilitates mounting, a 4-pin M12-connector enables easy wiring.


Additional accessories such as a simple power supply unit or connection cables and conenctors complement the offering.

Technical data


pvLight 30x30

pvLight 60x60

pvLight 120x30

Emitting surface 295x295x10 mm 595x595x10 mm 1195x295x10 mm
Outer dimensions 355x355x40 mm 680x680x40 mm 1255x355x40 mm
Colour temperature 4000 K 4000 K 4000 K
Consumption 20 W 28 W 39 W
Input voltage ≤ 50 V ≤ 50 V ≤ 50 V
Power 400 mA 560 mA 780 mA
Efficiency 105 lm(W) 123 lm/W 105 lm/W
Lumen effective 2095 lm 3450 lm 2800 lm

IP 20, RoHS/CE-conformal, 36 months warranty

Application areas

  • Detection of surface defects thanks to very uniform illumination

  • A wide variety of measurement tasks

  • Uniform illumination for fill level measurements

  • Presence checks in the electronics industry

  • Measurement tasks in backlight

  • Quality inspection in the dark field

  • SHORT: a universal illumination for a wide variety of applications

application with 4 pvLight panels

Where to get the pvLight products?

Standard sizes available in our SHOP! For special sizes, please use the contact form on the right, or give us a call.

You need a special illumination?

Have you not found what you are looking for in our standard products? We will be happy to advise you or develop a customised illumination tailored to your individual needs.

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