Solutions for Industrial Machine Vision

Image processing allows to gain a high product quality by offering an almost 100% control and therefore provides the possibility to constantly manufacture goods on a very high level. Expensive callbacks and cases of product liability will be avoided keeping your corporate image undamaged.

  • Measurements, inspections and defect detection

    Measurements, inspections and defect detection

    Precise measurements with accuracies of up to 2 µm are the key to success for many applications. We measure your components to achieve exact results.
  • Defect detection on surfaces

    Defect detection on surfaces

    Scratches, fractures or cracks reduce the quality of your products. For flawless surfaces we exclude such defects for you.
  • 3D measurements & inspections

    3D measurements & inspections

    Modern 3D technologies enable us to inspect even complex parts with pinpoint accuracy that current 2D methods could not offer.

Machine vision systems not only give the chance to detect defects on your products but also prevents them from occurring in the first place. The image processing system permanently observes complex processes at all critical points, recognizes values that differ from the defined norm and sends signals for counteraction at an early stage so production defects are inhibited.