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Project implementation

From development to maintenance

Hardware and/or software - we program and develop for you!

The majority of all projects require fast real-time applications that are also user-friendly and self-explanatory. For developments we use all common programming languages as well as various image processing libaries and implement solutions in native C++ and C#.

  • Programming with Halcon

    Ideally suited for any image processing task: With Halcon we create a wide range of applications from simple measurements to highly complex 3D projects.

  • Code development with Common Vision Blox

    When things have to move really fast: We realise your application in C++, extremely parallelised and according to the latest standards. We use the tried and tested Common Vision Blox and OpenCV libraries.

  • Application development with Sherlock

    No resources or lack of know-how? We can also support you with pure code development, system maintenance, add-ons etc.

  • Developments using Qt

    When it can be a little more individual: Whether an unusual design with a company logo, a certain shape of buttons or multilingual - using Qt we implement the user interfaces of your application according to your request.

Code development

We create applications for Windows and Linux under development environments such as Visual Studio or Qt. In order to best adapt our development to your purposes, we use frameworks and libraries such as .Net, MFC, ATL, WPF, Qt, CUDA, boost, OpenCV, Common Vision Blox and Halcon. We also have access to fast tools with ready-made interfaces such as Sherlock, Merlic or sciSmart. For FPGA accelaration we use the Visual Applets environment.

Bespoke software

For your demanding tasks, we develop solutions entirely according to your needs. However, we do not reinvent the wheel every time. Building on our extensive "construction kit" of ready-made function modules, we implement your application quickly and cost-effectively. Our customised programs thus meet your individual requirements and are nevertheless based on robust and field-tested existing technology.

Common Vision Blox

The best image acquisition software on the market. High-performance classification and search tools.


The all-rounder. From the fastest reading to the most versatile 3D processing. Runs on all platforms and operating systems.


For fast developments. The most powerful graphical development library on the market.


The classic. Free of charge. Extensive. Platform-independent.


The adaptable language. Nice interfaces. Language, platform and operating system independent.

Service right from the start

No matter if you are looking for first consulting, feasibility studies or turnkey solutions - we stand by your side from the very beginning.

Until the completion of your individual system our developers work closely together with you to achieve optimal results.

  • Professional, reliable, straightforward, solution-oriented


Would you like to know more?

We will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements and develop a specialised solution together with you, tailored to your individual needs.

Call us at +49 89 125094350 or complete the contact form.