The performance of a vision system at the price of a vision sensor

The perfect introduction to machine vision: easy to operate and maintain, cost-effective and reliable for a wide range of quality inspection tasks. No matter what products you manufacture, BOA Spot can help you improve quality, reduce waste, and increase throughput. It's never been easier to add machine vision to your automation.

With its integrated LED illumination, lens and pre-installed user-friendly software, the BOA Spot vision sensor can be easily integrated into production lines and factory systems. The robust design and IP67 protection enable use in harsh industrial environments.

BOA Spot Vision Sensor

Powerful vision sensor for automated inspection tasks

The vision tools embedded in BOA Spot SL, accessible via a simple graphical user interface, can be used individually for a wide range of tasks such as pattern recognition, feature inspection, counting and sorting tasks, measuring or defect detection to solve simple inspection tasks. They can also be combined for more complex jobs.

The BOA Spot XLE version additionally offer tools for reading 1D/2D codes and plain text (OCR).

  • electronics inspection using Sherlock vision software
  • engine inspection using Sherlock vision software
  • drive shaft inspection using Sherlock vision software
  • print inspection using Sherlock vision software
  • cap check using Sherlock vision software
  • position check using Sherlock vision software
  • pcb orientation check using Sherlock vision software
  • pill sorting using Sherlock vision software

100% automatic inspection

Low operating cost allows processing distribution across the whole production line.

More inspection points = better failure analysis and faster, easier corrective action.

No software installation

Pre-installed standard vision tools offer powerful, flexible inspection with a simple interface.

Integrated illumination

Integrated LED ring lights, available in multiple colours (white, blue, red), make illumination easy.

Different focal length

Depending on the application, BOA Spot can be supplied without lens, or with optional lenses of 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, or 16 mm focal length.

Flexible mounting options

Thanks to different mounting options and the slim design, BOA Spot can also be mounted in narrow spaces.

Typical applications

  • Metrology

  • Verification

  • Counting / sorting

  • Presence / absence check

  • Reading 1D/2D codes

  • OCR character recognition

Anwendungsbeispiele 3D Lasertriangulation


BOA Spot offers much more functionaltiy than a simple vision sensor, plus at a price that is only about half as high as the cost for other vision sensors.

Convince yourself of the favourable prices and visit our shop.

Technical data


Area scan camera, monochrom or colour


CMOS, Global Shutter


Visible (400-700 nm)

Pixel size

3.5 µm


640x480, 1280x960

Frame rate

45 fps (640x480), 30 fps (1280x960)


Ethernet 100 BaseT (M12-8), 3x In / 3x Out (M12-12)


Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profinet, RS232, TCP/IP


61x58x57 mm




Breakout board for direct connection of I/O signals, Ethernet and I/O cables

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