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AxCIS contact image sensor from Teledyne Dalsa

Compact high-resolution Contact Image Sensors for high-speed scans

AxCIS™ is a fully integrated line scan camera module that combines sensors, lenses and illumination in a compact, user-friendly design. Based on Teledyne's industry-leading CMOS line scan sensors, the AxCIS™ sensor enables highly integrated machine vision solutions at a low system cost for many demanding machine vision applications. The AxCIS™ is easy to use, can be installed without complex alignment and calibration and fits into a wide variety of systems, even where vertical space is limited. An excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a Camera Link HS SFP+ fibre-optic interface enable high data throughput, high reliability and long cable lengths.

Leading CMOS technology

AxCIS™ is based on quad-linear CMOS image sensors from Teledyne, which deliver line rates of up to 120 kHz for monochrome images or 60 kHz x 2 for HDR images as well as a resolution of 900 dpi, enabling accurate defect detection even at high speeds. The sensors are pre-calibrated to the pixel size for metrology applications.

Monochrom-, HDR- or color-images

In addition to monochrome images, HDR images can be captured using a double exposure mode. One line of the sensor array is exposed longer for dark scenes and the other shorter for bright scenes. This enables better defect detection, even on highly reflective materials, with an improved dynamic range.

A colour version (resolution 14304x3) is available in a width of 400mm for colour applications.

AxCIS contact image sensor side view
AxCIS contact Image sensor for web inspection

Large field of view without missing pixels

AxCIS™ uses a unique staggered design that is scalable for different fields of view and covers the entire field of view with no missing pixels. Each pixel has native data from real mono or colour images. Automatic tap balancing ensures a 100% seamless image with no interpolation.

Camera Link HS interface

The Camera Link HS SFP+ fibre-optic interface provides reliable data transmission and delivers high-resolution images over cost-effective standard cables of up to 300m.

A single Teledyne Xtium2-CLHS FX8 frame grabber supports up to 4 x 400 mm modules with a field of view of up to 1.6 m.

AxCIS™ is available in widths of 400 mm and 800 mm and in all other widths in 100 mm increments.

AxCIS contact image sensor rear view, connections

Application areas

  • Battery inspection
  • Print inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Web inspection


applications for AxCIS contact image sensor
Field of view

400/800 mm

Depth of field

+/- 0.6 mm

Working distance

13.9 mm


42/28 µm (600/900 dpi)

Max. line rate

120/60 kHz (mono/HDR)

Bit depth

8 or 12 bit selectable

Data & control

Camera Link HS SFP+

Light source

White LED (optional)

Dynamic range

>76 dB

Operating temperature

-0° to +65°C (case)

Protection class


Regulatory compliance


Power supply & dissipation

+24 VDC, <38 W (400 mm), <75.3W (800 mm)


400 mm: 441.8(L)x75(B)x100(H) mm

800 mm: 841.8(L)x75(B)x100(H) mm

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