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Individual solutions

Classical image processing or deep learning?

Or a mixture?

Deep learning is not just a buzzword for us! Based on our experience, we know exactly which tasks can be solved really well with artificial intelligence, i.e. machine learning or deep learning and for which tasks it is better to use classical methods. We use both, professional libraries and open source tools and know the respective advantages and disadvantage.

Examples of successfully realised projects

  • Bird detection to enable wind turbine shutdown

  • Recognise and distinguish different foodstuff (baked goods, sausages, etc.)

  • Reading difficult scripts / characters

  • Differentiation between gender of pigs

  • Sorting of stones and sand based on size from a conveyor belt

  • Face detection for illumination control

  • Detection of various defects / scratches on changing materials

What can we do for you?

We will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements and develop a specialised solution together with you, tailored to your individual needs.

Call us at +49 89 125094350 or complete the contact form.