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banne pvPhotobox system for special printing of coins

Machine vision system for special  custom printing of coins

machine vision system for special coin printing

You are printing coins, medals or flat opbjects and the print has to fit exactly?

Don't waste your time positioning the individual objects! With the pvPhotobox you print exactly where you want!

The pvPhotobox system for special coin printing, first records the position and rotation of coins on a tray and then a generates a print image from the measurement data (position and rotation) in combination with a template created by the user, which is then sent to a selected printer or print server via the local network.


  • Cameras: four high-resolution 20MP GigE monochrome cameras with corresponding lenses

  • Illumination: LED-backlight and white diffuse LED line lights

  • PC: compact image processing computer with 4 PoE GigE interfaces and touch screen

  • Tray: black plastic plates with alignment holes on the reverse side and white markings on the upper and lower edges outside the print area

  • Software: customer-specific application software, Corel Draw SE2022, Roland VersaWorks

System design & calibration

A previously calibrated black tray with several fixed markers and coins of defined thickness is inserted into the pvPhotobox via a drawer. In this closed setup four cameras are positioned above the tray and capture images. First, the orientation and position of the tray is recorded using markers on the tray.

Then, the coins are identified and their position and orientation in relation to the markers is determined. A print image is generated from this data and sent to the VersaWorks software. The user then only has to release the print job.

photobox system with 4 cameras and a printer

Training & detection of the coin position


Before teaching the coins with their patterns, a calibration must be created for each tray to establish the reference between the printer coordinate system and the camera coordinate system.

The required geometries of the tray and the associated printer are recorded using barcodes, reference marks and print markers.

Alignment of the print image

A tray of evenly spaced coins is placed in any position in the pvPhotobox, images are captured and then the print image is superimposed over the coins.

On the monitor, an existing print image that matches the respective coin is placed over the coin images. The coin model and the position of the print image on the coin are stored.

close-up of camera system and touch monitor


For printing the coins are placed on the tray, which is then inserted into the pvPhotobox via the drawer.

Once the cameras have captured the images, the coins are located, translation and rotation are analysed and corresponding PDFs are generated for the various printing stages. In the PDF documents, the print images are in the correct rotation at the correct location.

Subsequently the PDFs are sent to the VersaWorks software via various printer queues and can be authorised there.

Euro coin Prachtlibelle

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