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Feasibility tests

Solvable or not?
We test for you!

Evaluation of the appropriate hardware and software for your application

Every application places different requirements on the system used. In order to define the appropriate components for your task, we carry out comprehensive preliminary evaluations with hardware and software.

Thus we reduce cost and risk for you, as problems and difficulties are identified and solved at an early stage and the feasibility of your task is ensured.

  • Preliminary studies

    Safety for all concerned. For evaluating suitable components and estimating the effort of the software solution, feasibility studies are indispensable.

  • Illumination tests

    The selection of the optimal lighting is often the key to success. Only what can be made visible can be evaluated with software tools.
  • Professional evaluation

    For our pre-examinations we have an extremely extensive range of laboratory equipment at our disposal. Stable solutions for your task are our goal.

Selection of components

To choose the appropriate components for your task from the multitude of available products, we take sufficient time to test different approaches and solutions to solve your task.

Planning security

With careful pre-examinations we minimise your risk. Our professional evaluations provide the required data to estimate effort and cost to solve your problem accurately.

Service right from the start

No matter if you are looking for first consulting, feasibility studies or turnkey solutions - we stand by your side from the very beginning.

Until the completion of your individual system our developers work closely together with you to achieve optimal results.

  • Professional, reliable, straightforward, solution-oriented

Would you like to know more?

We will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements and develop a specialised solution together with you, tailored to your individual needs.

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