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3D object detection and volume measurement

The use of a wide variety of 3D techniques enables precise positioning of a wide range of objects as well as their verification against a "golden sample" or a CAD-model. Especially in the field of robotics, 3D image processing is the basis for detecting and gripping components or monitoring robot-based processes.

Examples of successfully realised projects

  • Self-calibrated stereo systems for flexible volume measurements from 10mm x 10mm to 800m x 600m x 400m at high accuracy and fast calculations, e.g. 1m x 1.3m x 3.2m measurement volume with 0.5mm accuracy and <8s calculation time

  • 3D volume detection of 'piles' of all kinds (soil, sand, waste, metal, stones)

  • 2D/3D classification of stones on conveyor belts

  • 3D position monitoring, feedback for positioning objects in large milling machines

  • Position recognition of objects (metal, plastic, wood, plaster) in 2D or 3D for robot control

  • Recognition of thread positions on brake discs including transmission to robots for automatic tire assembly on a conveyor belt

  • High-precision position detection of large boards and panels on trolleys

  • Depth- and volume measurement of pores and holes in fire protection bricks

  • Distance measurement of birds in order to shut down wind turbines

3D camera technology supports automated wall production of prefabricated houses

Presentation Patrick Gailer, phil-vision at VISION Days 2021

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