Complete solutions

Including knowledge transfer by experienced experts

Turnkey solutions - we also take care of commisioning and training!

A machine vision system consists of a large number of components. Regardless of your industry and application, we deliver powerful special solutions, adapted to the respective individual requirements. We match hardware and software specifically for your application and define technically and economically perfectly coordinated solutions.

The goal of every project is the best possible integration into existing architectures and the successful implementation of the system on site. We not only commision your system for you, but also train your employees how to use it best and ensure smooth operation under real conditions and future autonomy.

  • Bespoke systems

    We supply you with complete solutions, whether smart cameras or PC-based vision systems and create solutions that exactly fit your needs.

  • Solutions for harsh environments

    Unwanted interference can be avoided by using suitable special solutions, ensuring reliable operation of the system.

Special solutions

There's no such thing as we can't. Even difficult environments or disruptive external influences are usually no problem for us. Using the right components, we also find the right solution for critical applications. We advise our customers in detail about the possibilities, effects and costs. With this approach even absolutely special solutions remain affordable for you.


Flexibility is an absolute priority with our modular approach. Do your requirements change, do you need to replace the camera, light or other parts? Or do you need additional functions? With our flexible tools, we can react quickly and efficiently to your changed conditions and adapt the necessary functions accordingly.

Service right from the start

No matter if you are looking for first consulting, feasibility studies or turnkey solutions - we stand by your side from the very beginning.

Until the completion of your individual system our developers work closely together with you to achieve optimal results.

  • Professional, reliable, straighforward, solution-oriented

Would you like to know more?

We will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements and develop a specialised solution together with you, tailored to your individual needs.

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