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Surface inspection

Surface inspection of a wide variety of surfaces

In the field of industrial quality control, we inspect a wide variety of materials to detect surface defects and flaws and local anomalies such as contamination, scratches, cracks, discolouration or burn marks , check surfaces for waviness, roughness, colour, gloss level or texture and assign the objects to predefined quality classes.

Examples of successfully realised projects

  • Defect detection in ceramic components (blowholes, residues, missing or wrong coatings, etc.)

  • Colour recognition of painting on ceramic components (colour type, position, mixing)

  • Detect scratches on cell phone surfaces

  • Defect detection in lacquers on ceramic components (residues, discolouration, missing lacquer, etc. )

  • Identification of damages on shiny metal surfaces

  • Detection of burn marks / discolouration on conductor rails

  • Inspection of geometries and discolourations, pore / hole detection in fire protection bricks

  • Detection of abrasive residues on brake discs

  • Inspection of 'hole sizes' in filter grids, checking whether they are clogged up

  • Primer / adhesive testing on vehicle windows

  • Position control of connectors / connecting systems

  • Seal seam detection and inspection of food packaging for inclusions, residues, air bubbles

  • Bubble detection in x-ray images of medical devices

  • Testing of correct installation of airbags in vehicle seats

  • Checking the correct allocation of seat foams for vehicle seats

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